Notice for BCP Emergency Testing

BCP Hotline: 020 – 2882 5933

•BCP emergency notification test kick off at 4pm on November 16th; broadcast message will be used to alert staff of a disaster at 5pm.

•All staff are requested to leave Chamtime office at 5:30pm and go home. (DO NOT GO TO Office of Zhejiang Branch ON Nov 16th).


Tips for BCP testing on November 17th        

  Group 1: For those staff who need to work in office of Zhejiang Branch during the test:

• Arrive at Office of Zhejiang Branch before 12:00 am on Nov 17th, and start to work business as usual from Zhejiang Office for the entire morning.

• Please take notes of any feedback or problems and return to Chamtime office by 5:30 pm on Nov 17th.

  Group 2: For those staff who do not need to go to Zhangjiang Office but need to work from home by using remote access during the test:

• Check & confirm the availability of remote access from home in the morning of Nov 17th.

• Arrive at Chamtime no later than 10am after the confirmation.

  Group 3: For those staff who do not need to go to Office of Zhejiang Branch or use remote access during the test:

• Arrive at Chamtime at 9am on Nov 17th. This day will be business as usual for these staff.

If you do not know which group you are in, call your department BCP coordinator (phone number is on your BCP ID card).


Attendance will be checked for participants for all three groups:

Zhejiang Ofice, Remote access (when arriving at office), and Chamtime business as usual.



业务持续计划测试热线: 020 – 2882 5933